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✓  Exceptional Quality of Care
✓  Dedicated Care Manager
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Nurses recovery at home


Home Care
Positive Support
Errands & 
Shopping Assist
Medicine Reminders
& Refills
& Fitness Buddy
Technology &
Device Assist
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Best Companionship Services

Our General Attenders are suitable for families that are finding it difficult to attend to their elderly loved ones.

Our Attenders are verified and trained to offer compassionate care for your elderly loved ones to live a comfortable life at home.

Assisted Daily Living

Home Care Assist

Medicine Management


Available for 6,10 & 24 Hours

Dedicated Care Manager


₹600 / Day 

pricing details

6 Hours
  • Monthly Fee from ₹15,000 or ₹600 per day

  • One time processing fee ₹2500

  • rTPCR Test ₹700

10 Hours
  • Monthly Fee from ₹18,000 or ₹800 per day

  • One time processing fee ₹2500

  • rTPCR Test ₹700

24 Hours
  • Monthly Fee from ₹22,000 or ₹1000 per day

  • One time processing fee ₹2500

  • rTPCR Test ₹700

Hospital Attender
  • Starts from ₹1500 per day depending on patient requirements

We pride in providing quick & quality attender profile in minutes
Our Helpee experienced attenders are different from other agencies as we filter the best profiles to ensure best quality candidates for your loved ones
All our Helpee Attenders go through interviews, background checks, verification process and evaluation before being deployed 
Our Helpee Attenders go through all the basic training and prepare a plan for your loved ones to live comfortably. They are well equipped to make assessment, communicate and co-ordinate with you at all times
Helpee Attenders use the Helpee Platform and your Dedicated Care Managers to manage records, schedules, updates, billing and additional service requests to ensure efficient and hassle caregiving at home experience

Some of our nursing attenders

Experienced Caregiver


Helpee Certified Caregiver

7+ Years of Experience


Bedridden Care


Geriatric Caregiver

Bedridden Specialist




Part Time Caregiver

Ashwini H S

Helpee Certified Caregiver

Part Time Caregiver


Our Happy Customers

This service is such a boon for my parents. Sania from Helpee made sure everything went smooth for them. I can not recommend Helpee enough. 

Bharat M,


Customer 2.png

First and foremost, I would like to thank the entire Helpee team for helping us through the entire ordeal. We would have wasted a lot of time and money running around. This is exactly what we need right now in this busy and hectic hospitals. I give the service 5 stars.

Usha S


Customer 1.png

We decided to check out Helpee for my mother who required post surgery care. The team is so friendly and patient with our constant calls and chats. Our care manager Rajesh Sada went the extra mile to drop the nurse to our home. Thank you team Helpee.



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