Technology can make your lives


We have a network of dedicated Helpee Hands from the tech community who can assist, facilitate and train you in the latest technology and communication mediums so you can become more self-reliant
Technology made easy through our dedicated network of tech enthusiasts
Our team and network of Helpee Hands are a unique bunch of individuals who've come to this platform to help our seniors live an independent and self-reliant life. 
We pride ourselves in the quality of care right from the moment you give us a call to the moment your task is completed. 
On-Demand Services
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Technology can be a daunting task, especially for elderly, but not anymore. Helpee can make technology easier through active hands-on training from a Helpee Hand near you.

*Additional hours will be charged at only ₹150 for every 30 increments

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online digital assist

Get personalised sessions of an hour of basics in smartphones, mobile banking, WhatsApp, UPI, etc. from our professional Helpee Hands via a phone call or video call.

*Additional hours will be charged at only ₹150 for every 30 increments

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social media assist

Stay in touch with your family and explore the latest news and trends. Learn everything related to different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and more from a Helpee Hand.

*Additional assistance will be charged at only ₹150 within this request

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tech troubleshoot

Our professional Helpee Hands can set up an in-person session (Offline service) or a phone call or video call session (Online services) to help and resolve all tech related concerns.

*Additional deliveries will be charged at only ₹100 within this request

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