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Premium Senior Living Home for Rent

Short & Long Term Stays
24/7 Nurse at Premises
Twin Sharing & Single Rooms

Anugraha from Helpee, Anna Nagar - Chennai

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Introducing 'Anugraha' by Helpee
at Anna Nagar, Chennai

Welcome to Anugraha, an abode for seniors to embrace a lifestyle of Independence, support & enrichment through our curated senior living program.

Whether you are looking for single occupancy rooms or a shared senior living rooms for rent, we’ve built spaces that matches your daily living style. Our experienced Helpee team guarantees ultimate convenience, comfort and contentment.

Set amongst a tree filled residential part of Anna Nagar, Anugraha invites you to a charming villa offering personalised lifestyle, companionship & security.

Helpee offers you our trademark home care experience at Anugraha enabling you to enjoy your daily life and continue to do what you love. Leave all the hard work to us and enjoy all our facilities available at Anugraha Chennai.

Spaces specifically built for seniors

We've designed our homes keeping our elder's needs in mind.

All our facilities are retrofitted for your comfort & safety

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Personalised Spaces built for Senior living

Our team ensures you continue to live and prosper in the safest, most appropriate environment based on your medical and physical capabilities. You know personal assistance is there if you have a sudden need. Your family and friends can relax knowing you are secure and in an environment focused on your wellness. 

Freedom to live to the Fullest through Rentals

Without a home to manage, you have the amazing opportunity to enjoy the things you love & discover new hobbies. A maintenance-free life, security, privacy, assistance & resort style ambiance significantly increase your quality of life.

Senior Living Apartments for Rent
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Designer Furniture for Comfortable Senior Living

Ensuring safety along with emotional cues to enhance your every day living. We've focused on a strong connection with natural colours and neutral shades to bring peace and serenity while minimising anxiety.

Vegetarian Meals to Enhance your Health & Wellness

Without a home to manage, you have the amazing opportunity to enjoy the things you love & discover new hobbies. A maintenance-free life, security, privacy, assistance & resort style ambiance significantly increase your quality of life.

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Social Activities for Longevity & Mental Wellbeing

Our Helpee team advocates for all our residents on the importance of social wellness through our daily activities. Whether you have an introverted or an extroverted personality, we have you covered with our curated list of daily activities.

Customisable Rooms to claim your familiar space & style

We understand your possessions and lifestyle represent a lifetime of memories, achievements, and activities. Your freedom to personalise is a wonderful way for an individual to feel more connected with their new home and have a better orientation in a different environment. 

Senior Living Homes for Rent
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24x7 Nursing & Caregiver on Call at Premises 

No matter if it’s managing your medication schedule, concierge, shopping or simply providing companionship, our staff at Helpee are always there for you at Anugraha.

Experience Dedicated Care From Helpee

All our residents are ensured dedicated quality care from our Helpee Care Managers who will be assigned to you

24/7 Nursing Care
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Furnished Homes
Vegetarian Food
Daily Activities
24x7 Security
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Affordable Rentals
Affordable Old Age Homes.png

Social Activities to Enhance Quality Of Life

Helpee social activities specifically designed to keep our seniors mentally and physically active

Yoga & Stretching
Spa Treatment
Bhajan Sessions
Arts & Crafts
Oil Massage
Group Outings
Technology Training
Meditation Sessions
Board Games
Life Story Sessions
Cooking Sessions

Get a call back from our friendly team

Enabling Independence through Helpee

Our dedicated care team of Nurses & Caregivers are available at all times to ensure your independence & safety

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Helpee Lifestyle Homes an assisted living facility for seniors?

Helpee Lifestyle Homes is an extension of their own homes with full time assisted living care. Seniors who find it difficult to live independenlty at their own homes can shift to Helpee Lifestyle Homes for dedicated daily care.

What is an Assisted Living Facility?

Assisted Living Facilities are dedicated spaces for seniors to live independently through daily care from a caregiver or attendant. They differ from a traditional old age home as they tend to have more attention and facilties for seniors to live comfortably.

What are the amenities available in an Assisted Living Facility like Helpee Lifestyle Homes?

Helpee Lifestyle Homes have improved the concept of the assisted living facility by providing state of the art amenities such as Orthopaedic mattresses, hypo-allergenic pillows, rail guards, senior safe bathrooms, bright ambient lighting, geriatric caregiving, nutritious well balanced meals and social activities.  

Are the staff at Helpee Lifestyle Homes trained to handle seniors?

Our team at Helpee Lifestyle Homes goes through a complete geriatric training course, orientation, and certification process in Bangalore's Sathya Educare Competency Trust as per NSDC Skill Certification.

Do you have Nursing Care Facility for seniors at Helpee Lifestyle Homes?

Our dedicated nursing care team ensures that all our basic health and medical needs are met by collaborating with your medical provider. However, we do not have a dedicated nursing care facility for dementia, Alzheimer, cancer, hospice or palliative requirements. 

What happens during an emergency?

Our team at Helpee has made sure our residents are given a panic button and CCTV is monitored at all times. Your caregiver or attender will work in tandem with our security team and medical provider to quickly arrange an ambulance if required or have transport arranged to reach the nearest hospital. 

Cost of Assisted Living Facilities

What are the charges of assisted living facility in Chennai?

Helpee Lifestyle Homes provide you assisted living facility offers double occupancy for a starting price from ₹45,000 and single occupancy from ₹70,000. Helpee prioritises a comfortable lifestyle with personalized care and a wide variety of amenities designed to meet our senior's needs.

Are there any additional charges at Helpee Lifestyle Homes?

Apart from the 3 months deposit and one time service charge, there are no additional charges. However, you can further customise your room as per your requirements and hire a personal attender as well by discussing with our care manager.

Can we pay monthly rentals in one lumpsum?

You have the flexibility to pay either in one lump sum or continue with monthly payments.

What are the medical or nursing charges?

We provide all basic medical and nursing charges as per a discussion with your medical provider. However, if there are additional requirements, your care manager can raise an estimate of charges on request.

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