Our story

The sacrifices of our elders have brought prosperity to us and our country. They are our grandparents, our parents, uncles and aunts who deserve care and help at their senior years. 

Our founder and the team at Helpee have elderly back home who are at a stage in life where they need help on a regular basis, and most of us cannot provide them the help they need due to our busy work schedules or because of the distance. 

They are at a stage where they require other people to survive more than ever. Thus, we built Helpee with the sole intention of providing reliable help to communities, especially elders and other vulnerable people who have difficulty in fending for themselves. 

The world has become increasingly urban and mass migration to cities have left people isolated from community living. What we’ve faced living in large metropolitan cities like Bengaluru is the inability to find reliable help for tasks that needed deeper engagement. 

Due to time constraints among other things, we found that a lot of our city dwellers have been finding it difficult to take care of their elderly or disabled family members. 

Our team at Helpee wants to provide an environment that allows people to seek help in a safe and reliable manner through our platform. 

Helpee aims to leverage the power that lies in the community around us to connect and enhance our daily lives.

meet our team

Suman Choudhary

Suman loves to build platforms that connect users through easy to use technology. His previous experiences include building an SaaS platform for the construction industry. Feel free to connect with him. He is looking to build long term meaningful connections. 

Rahim Rayintakath

Rahim believes in connecting people with stories that matter. He comes from a sales and marketing background with a knack for multi-tasking. If he is not in front of the computer, you can find him helping out in the community and local pet shelters. 

Rajesh Sada

Rajesh is our operations person. He loves to find solutions and is always on the field trying to make things happen. He holds experience in the FnB (food and beverages) industry. Following his passion, you will always find him helping out the needy.  

Sania Nabha

With an aim to run her own Old Age Home one day, Saina leads the customer experience at Helpee. She possesses excellent communication skills and loves to find solutions to all elderly needs. She comes from a commerce background and is always on the field trying to make things happen.

Bharat Shreshtha

Bharat comes from Journalism and mass communications background and is part of the marketing team, helping us connect with our elders better. He has a soft corner for elders and loves to build conversations with them. He feels just a few minutes of chit-chat with elders teaches us valuable life lessons.


Nalini, Coimbatore

Helpee is a real boon for people like me, I can't tell you how happy and grateful I am feeling! Thank you foe enabling this for me

Bharat, Bangalore

It was a smooth and great experience with Helpee. The Helpee Hand came on time, picked my parents up and assisted them for their vaccination appointments. Thanks a ton.

Srinivas, Mysore

Helpee Hand Shailja  took care of this task very gently handling both our Elderly for the Covid vaccination.