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Experienced & Verified Nurses
for Elderly Care

✓  Exceptional Quality of Care
✓  Dedicated Care Manager
✓  Best Fit Profiles as per your Need

Nursing care for elderly seniors at home bengaluru & Chennai
Nursing Services On-Demand At Home

Recover in the comfort of your home with excellent care from our experienced caregivers & nursing attenders

Post Operative Care At Home

Qualified nursing attender who can aid in healing & recovery at home

  • Tailored individual patient care based on your medical practitioner's report

  • Post surgery wound management

  • Stitch removal & drainage

  • Pain & stress management 

  • Basic physical therapy

  • Medical equipment & materials not included

  • Patient counselling

Hourly From


Based on requirements

Wound Care

At Home

Qualified nursing attender to handle wound cleaning & hygiene

  • Wound cleaning for post surgery, bedsores & other ailments

  • Diabetic foot, infections & ulcer specialised cleaning

  • Pre & Post medical check up by attender

  • Strict sterile procedure

  • Material charges extra

  • Patient counselling

Hourly From


Based on requirements


Injection At Home

Qualified nurse who can administer IV/ IM injections at your home

  • IV / IM / SC / SL injections 

  • Strict sterile procedure

  • Pre-medical check before administration

  • Infusion administration at home

  • Minimal bruising approach

  • Post injection quality check

  • Patient counselling

  • Materials charges extra

Hourly From


Based on requirements

Respiratory Care

At Home

Qualified nurse who can provide respiratory care

  • Nebulization administration

  • Pre & post basic medical checkup 

  • IV medications as prescribed by the medical practitioner

  • PFT Test as per doctor advice

  • Strict sterile procedure

  • Material charges extra

  • Patient counselling

Hourly From


Based on requirements

Helpee Nursing Caregivers

Book a Helpee Nursing Attender now

Our Medical Attenders are suitable for seniors who require post surgical care, wound care, trauma recovery care,

periodic IV or Injections at home.

Medical Assessment & Reporting

Wound Care & Dressing Change

Medicine Management

Physio & Mobility Assist

Available for 10 & 24 Hours

Dedicated Care Manager


₹1000 / Day*

*Subject to city, location & requirements

We pride in providing quick & quality nursing profile in minutes

Our Helpee Nursing Attenders are different from other agencies as we filter the best profiles to ensure best quality candidates for your loved ones

All our Helpee Nursing Attenders go through interviews, background checks, verification process and evaluation before being deployed 

Our Helpee Attenders go through all the basic geriatric nursing training and prepare a wellness plan for your loved ones to recover at home. They are well equipped to make assessment, communicate and co-ordinate with health care professionals

Helpee Attenders use the Helpee Platform and your Dedicated Care Managers to manage records, schedules, updates, billing and additional service requests to ensure efficient and hassle free health care experience

Some of our nursing attenders
HH Raghvendra.png


Helpee Certified Caregiver

8 Years Experience


Nithyakala HH.png


Nursing Assistant

Specialist Caregiver


HH Kanaka.png


Geriatric Nurse

Specialist Caregiver





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