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Introductory offer - ResQ Button at only ₹1499

How the ResQ
button has been saving lives.

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An essential for elderly folks living alone or a bedridden patient faces an emergency like a heart attack or a fall. The panic button which can be worn as a pendant or bracelet can be activated which releases a distress signal to your emergency contacts.
Never take a chance with the
safety of your loved ones
The ResQ button is a life saver, any which way you look at it – giving you peace of mind.

It assures the attention of help from someone in need, or in an emergency within minutes.

why the resq button?


The ResQ button combines hradware and software to be picked up by any phone in real-time.


Dedicated service team always ready to help with queries for your peace of mind.


The waterproof button is tested by automation for the best customer experience and quality.

The 'golden hour' & ResQ button

Get your resq button today

ResQ Button

Panic button 


Cloud backed Panic Button works either through your Phone or Wi-Fi based Gateways

ResQ Button Plus

Panic button & Set up


ResQ Button set up and a step by step demo from a Helpee Hand in person from setting up to assigning your emergency contacts.

ResQ Button Gold

ResQ+ First Responder


Panic ResQ Button set up and first responder service from Helpee

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Usha Sridhar, Chennai

The Resq button is a game changer for me - to know my mother has it on 24/7 ensuring that I am only a 'press' away in an emergency is so reassuring and a total relief for me

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