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Important safety information

We’re reminding everyone who uses Helpee to follow advice from MoHFW India.
If you’re sick, stay home and away from others. Wash your hands frequently, and cover your cough or sneeze. For more information, visit 

helpee hands and tasks

Do not under any circumstance request or accept tasks if you feel unwell. 

The most important thing you can do right now is to stay home if possible.

This is especially critical if you’re feeling sick. This will help limit the spread of the virus. Let’s help keep our communities safe and ensure that tasks are available for those who need them.

If you do accept tasks, please ensure -

1. You use protective measures as requested by MoHFW and wear masks at all times.

2. Please maintain distance when performing tasks or dealing with users. 

3. Try to use digital payments at all times if possible

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