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in home care services

Qualified & Trained Caregivers & Attenders
in Hyderabad

We provide trustworthy senior caregivers available all over Hyderabad

✓  Experienced & Qualified Profiles
✓  Background Check Documents on every Profile
✓  Trained for Exceptional Quality of Service


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caretaker services
Promoting health & wellness at the comfort of your home

Home is where the heart is. We believe in healing at home where you find family centered care. Our caregivers enable personalised individual care to allow dignity, independence and maximum comfort. 







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Type of care we offer

Assisted Daily Living - 5,10 & 24 Hours

Patient Care for Elderly

Nursing Care for Elderly at-home

Dementia Care for Elders at-home

Alzheimer's Care for Elderly at-home

Medical Care for Seniors at-home

Nursing Attenders at-home

Caregivers for elderly at-home

Caretakers for seniors at-home

Hospital Attenders - 5,10 & 24 Hours

Nursing Services On-Demand At Home

Recover in the comfort of your home with excellent care from our experienced caregivers & nursing attenders

Post Operative Care At Home

Qualified nursing attender who can aid in healing & recovery at home

  • Tailored individual patient care based on your medical practitioner's report

  • Post surgery wound management

  • Stitch removal & drainage

  • Pain & stress management 

  • Basic physical therapy

  • Medical equipment & materials not included

  • Patient counselling

Hourly From


Based on requirements


Injection At Home

Qualified nurse who can administer IV/ IM injections at your home

  • IV / IM / SC / SL injections 

  • Strict sterile procedure

  • Pre-medical check before administration

  • Infusion administration at home

  • Minimal bruising approach

  • Post injection quality check

  • Patient counselling

  • Materials charges extra

Hourly From

 IV ₹800/ IM ₹1000

Based on requirements

Wound Care

At Home

Qualified nursing attender to handle wound cleaning & hygiene

  • Wound cleaning for post surgery, bedsores & other ailments

  • Diabetic foot, infections & ulcer specialised cleaning

  • Pre & Post medical check up by attender

  • Strict sterile procedure

  • Material charges extra

  • Patient counselling

Hourly From


Based on requirements

Respiratory Care

At Home

Qualified nurse who can provide respiratory care

  • Nebulization administration

  • Pre & post basic medical checkup 

  • IV medications as prescribed by the medical practitioner

  • PFT Test as per doctor advice

  • Strict sterile procedure

  • Material charges extra

  • Patient counselling

Hourly From


Based on requirements


On-demand eldercare services as per your requirements

Medical Care for Elderly at Home

Doctor's Visit at Home

Our Medical Attenders are suitable for seniors who require post surgical care, wound care, trauma recovery care,

periodic IV or Injections at home.

Medical Assessment & Reporting

Wound Care & Dressing Change

Available for 10 & 24 Hours

Medicine Management

Physio & Mobility Assist

Dedicated Care Manager


₹1000 / Day*

*Based on requirements

in home care services

Experienced Caregivers at Home

Our Caregivers are suitable for seniors who require assisted daily living, face disability or are bedridden. Our Helpee Caregivers come with years of experience and geriatric knowledge to offer your loved ones with exceptional care.

Periodic Care Assessment 

Feeding & Bathroom Assist

Available for 10 & 24 Hours

Medicine Management

Physio & Mobility Assist

Dedicated Care Manager


₹1000 / Day*

*Based on requirements

Experience Helpee Care

We Help You Find The Best Suited Caregiver On-Demand As Per Your Requirements



Dedicated Care Team

Our friendly care team ensures you get dedicated care from the moment you contact us.


Vast Network of Caregivers

We help you find the best profile from Helpee's vast network of verified & trained network of caregivers.


Helpee Orientation & Training

Our orientation & training ensures that ever caregiver profile is well equipped to handle your loved ones.


Background Check & Verification

Our strict background check & verification enables you peace of mind and sense of security.


Our Helpee Caregiver profiles range from qualified nursing attenders to compassionate companions enabling seniors to live a comfortable life at home

Hyderabad Helpee Attender.png

Nursing Attender

Hyderabad Caregiver.png

Experienced caregiver

Helpee Hyderabad Attender.png


LB Nagar


1. Do you provide eldercare services in Hyderabad district?

We are available all over Hyderabad Metropolitan Area and extended Hyderabad region.

2. How can I find a caregiver for elders in Hyderabad?

We've made it easier for you to access our database of over 1000 caregivers in Hyderabad by simply sending us a request, Whatsapp or giving us a call.

3. Are your caregivers in Hyderabad qualified and trained to handle elders?

We hire experienced caregivers as well as from verified agencies. Our background checks enable us to certify our caregivers experience and character.

4. What does a caregiver do for elders?

A caregivers or nursing attenders duties depend on the requirements of the elder. Do keep in mind that a caregiver only attends for assisted daily living whereas a nursing attender help elders medically at home.

5. What are the costs of a caregiver?

The cost of caregiver at Helpee starts at ₹800 per day for a 24 hour shift. However, we have nursing attenders for patient care at home starting at ₹1200 per day.

6. What if I am not satisfied with the caregiver provided?

We ensure to provide a free replacement of a caregiver if found unsatisfactory. 

available all over Hyderabad

cost of services

1. What is the cost of caregivers in Hyderabad?

Caregivers usually range from ₹15,000 to ₹25,000 per month depending on the hours caregiving is required. A 5-hour caregiving service is available from ₹15,000. Caregivers who serve for 10 hours or half-day are available for ₹20,000. A live-in or 24-hour caregiver can be requested as per your requirements and cost vary from the range of services requested.

2. Are there additional service charges for caregivers?

Agencies and healthcare centers usually charge service charges in the form of either a standard fee or a specific period's worth of service cost. Helpee only charges a One Time Service Charge of ₹2500 which we charge to facilitate caregiver deployment and ensure replacement of the caregiver in case of dissatisfaction. 


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