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Helpee and Sarada Foundations

There are few things in life which will bring immense emotional wellbeing such as helping the less fortunate.

Helping and giving back to the community is critical for us as a society to survive and prosper.


Helpee has always been about making an impact and brings together individuals who we call real-life 'superheroes'.

We've found our group of superheroes who could help us in reaching out to the less fortunate and make their lives better through small gestures from people like you. 

Helpee has now partnered with Sarada Foundations ( to commit to catering to the less economically privileged elders. 

We are trying to build a sustainable platform that helps to make giving a habit, and a pleasurable social obligation to individuals (ISR), groups (GSR) and extend it to help Corporates with their CSR.

activities for individuals (ISR)

Contributions from you would make a world of difference for the helpless elderly folks in our community. 

Along with Sarada Foundation, we make sure the basic and medical needs of our elderly are taken care of.


Help us in sponsoring medicine every fortnight and organising reminder services

Daily Pills

Walking Stick

Your contribution enables us to provide much needed walking sticks

to our needy elders

Walking Sticks


Help us provide much needed essentials for our elders such as cots, pillows, sheets, table mates, cupboard and more


Adult Diapers

A lot of super seniors require adult diapers on a daily basis. Your contribution would help us distribute these to the needy

Medical Support

Help us provide hearing aids, spectacles, walking support, toilet support aids to those who need them the most

Eye Checkup

Legacy Endowments

Leave a commitment to allocate a certain amount of your wealth for a better cause which we report to your children

Judge's Table
Hospital Staff


Providing the cost of 3 dialysis for one elder patient

Boxed Food

Feeding 50 elders

A complete and nutritional meal to 50 elders

activities for groups (gSR)

A lot of underprivileged elders end up in institutions with little to no facilities available for their wellbeing.

Helpee and Sarada Foundations will make it easier for your groups to donate, monitor and track your contributions and their impact 



Help us provide cataract operation for 10 elders

Hearing Aid


Sponsor a Helpee Hand to accompany an elder for their medical visit

Medical Consultation


Help us provide the much needed dialysis cost for our elders

activities for CORPORATES (CSR)

Helpee began with a sole intention of creating reliable communities for our elders to rely on.

We've made CSR easier for you to access and track with our unique initiative from Sarada Foundation.

Contact to talk to our friendly staff to make this a reality.

We assure you that we will give you full reporting on the beneficiaries.

Sarada Foundations is also fully compliant with 80G and 12AA, and you will get your tax benefits when you support this noble cause.

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