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Dealing with Covid-19 - Dr. Rajat Pandey

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Covid-19 has hit a lot of people with elderly ones being the most infected in the first wave. And with the second wave, some have also shown more severe symptoms than before.

The virus, as we know now, is far more infectious than before and the second wave of pandemic has led to shortages in medicines, oxygen and hospital beds. Now, what should one be doing to be prepared for the worst?

We put these questions to one of the doctors who have been dealing with this situation first hand. Dr. Rajat, who is currently working in Balrampur Hospital, Lucknow. Previously, he has also practiced at Lala Lajpat Rai hospital in Kanpur.

The ongoing situation has proven to be the worst impact so far and it has left everyone worried and terrified. And we wish to address the elderly ones whose children cannot be with them for any reason, some are not well themselves or some who are stuck away from their homes, parents and city.

According to our expert in session, Dr Rajat, what you need to do first is don't believe every other WhatsApp forwards.

Stop over-consumption of news and TV.

Make efforts to respond more positively towards your environment and take all the suggested precautions. More importantly, eat healthy, strengthen and support your immune system.

Here are some more questions, that Dr. Rajat answers for all of us:

Q-1 Will there be a third wave?

Dr. Rajat - Yes, there will be a third wave. The first wave affected the elderly. In the second wave it affected adults. Several theories have emerged which claim that children could be the most affected by the third wave of COVID-19.

Q-2 How can we get to know that we are infected without doing the test?

Dr. Rajat - The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are High Fever, Dry cough, Fatigue. So if anyone is having that symptom for more than 3 days then keep yourself in isolation.Talk to your doctor immediately. Other less common symptoms are Loss of taste or smell, Sore throat, Headache, Muscle or joint pain, nausea or vomiting, Diarrhea.

Q-3 What are the warning signs of covid especially for elderly people?

Dr. Rajat - People get scared now when they develop any symptom related to covid .

So what they do is go for tests. In spite of going for scans first monitor your health for upto 3 days, keep monitoring your oxygen level every 2-3 hours.

If you are not getting relief immediately consult your physician. Anyone who has shortness of breath can cause Hypoxemia.

Hypoxemia is when you have a low level of oxygen in your blood, it happens when the tissues of your body are probably not getting enough oxygen. If anyone is suffering from asthma it can be dangerous. Shortness of breath gets worse. So what you have to do is take some extra precautions like stop smoking, get regular exercise, and eat healthily.

Q-4 Can we naturally heal corona without medication?

Dr. Rajat - Yes, it can cure naturally. Around 70-80 percent of cases are cured naturally. Stay safe by taking some simple precautions, such as physical distance, wearing a mask, avoiding crowds, and regularly clean your hands. Home remedies are good but they will only give you some kind of relief but will not cure it. so, consult your Dr. first if you are having any symptoms related to Covid.

Q5- How does the covid vaccine work?

Dr. Rajat- There are four types of vaccines, each of which produces immunity in a slightly different way. A pathogen is a virus or fungus that can cause disease within the body. The antibodies produced in response to the pathogen’s antigen are an important part of the immune system. Once the antigen-specific antibodies are produced, they work with the rest of the immune system to destroy the pathogen and stop the disease. This means in the future if the person is exposed to the dangerous virus, their immune system will be able to respond immediately, protecting against disease.

Vaccinating not only protects yourself but also protects others.

Q-6 - What is the most appropriate time to get a CT Scan after contracting a covid infection?

Dr. Rajat- CT Scan is not necessary unless the symptoms are serious. The CT scans are being increased for patients at risk. A CT scan of covid infected people with a mild symptom can also show some septal thickening or lung involvement and that will be scary. Take experts' advice to go for the scan.

Q7 - When do we need to seek medical help before it gets complicated?

Dr. Rajat - Monitor oxygen level at home every 2-3 hours. keep the readings. walk for 5-6 mins then again monitor. If the reading falls to more than 3 percent consult with the physician or experts.

Take precautions to fight this disease and follow your doctor's advice. Stay home safe and healthy.

If you require to contact Dr. Rajat Pandey or connect with a Helpee Hand, please click on the link below to talk to one our live Helpee Care Representative.

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